Our People


Leslie Bottigoni

Salon owner/ educator/ platform artist/ mentor

Leslie has been working in the beauty industry for 20+ years and has loved every minute of it. She has owned her salon for 20 years, and has worked as an educator for various companies performing as a platform artist and a creative influencer and artist for Scruples Hair Care. 

Currently she is thrilled to be joining ProRituals as an educator and collaborating with Enjoy Beauty as a support for their vision of transforming the beauty industry with the stylist as its first priority. 


Judy Wagenaar

Enjoy Beauty Supply

Judy has worked in the Beauty Industry for 15 years plus entering as a receptionist at a Hair Salon and Beauty Supply. Really liking the industry, and a creative person herself, she enrolled to be an apprentice and eventually a Stylist. And, is also certified in Ear and Nose piercing!

When a piercing company she worked with got a booth at the ABA, they invited her to work the show with them. The vibe and the energy at that show, seeing all that creativity drew her in for life!
Judy later chose to take the knowledge and hands on experience to become a thriving Salon Consultant in the Industry! She really likes the impact that the industry has on people and how important it is! “How amazing it is, that together we can do our part, especially the stylists, to help people feel good and have more confidence. Once you have that you are unstoppable!


Terry Shannon